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Hospitals have such a wide range of needs and services that signs are a big part of their organizational structure. Healthcare facilities have to manage food service, laundry, parking, administration, day care, and medicine and research on top of all of that. They need signs for the cafeteria, for the patients rooms, for administrative offices, for parking, and for public health and safety reasons. The business of making hospital signs and symbols is taken very seriously here at HSI, because we know that our efforts don't only serve the client, the hospital. They also serve the patients, the visitors, the workers, and anyone and everyone who comes in contact with the facility. We like knowing that our hospital signs truly can help others and change the way the healthcare facility runs. And that is why we always have the most up-to-date machines and techniques, the best trained sign making force, and the biggest variety of hospital signs and symbols that we can make.

Hospital Signs

The most specific signs that we make, in reference to hospitals, don't fit easily into categories. They are signs that only a hospital or healthcare facility would need. For instance, signs that demarcate the offices of hospital runners and higher ups, like the Chief of Medicine or Assistant Director of Nursing. Or signs that signify specific rooms, like Operating Room #1, or X-Ray Room. Signs like this are vital to the navigation of the healthcare facility, as well as the professional look and feel that every good hospital needs. They're very helpful to workers and administrators as well as patients and visitors, and signs like that are the most essential and important of all.

All of those signs are also offered in a wide ranges of shapes, colors, designs, and fonts. At HSI we believe in allowing the customer to help direct the way their signs are going to look, and customization of the sign material is the first place to start. When it comes to hospital signs and symbols, a lot of the signs are required by law to look a certain way. But for those that aren't, it is always a good idea to invest in attractive designs that get attention and transmit clear and accurate information. And that's what we do at HSI.

Of course, the category of general hospital signage doesn't stop at specific titles and room names. We make hospital signs in a lot of different areas of concentration, all of which are vital to the running of a hospital. They include:

Room number hospital signs. Room numbers are everywhere in a healthcare facility, and ironically that can make them easy to overlook as part of the large organizational structure. But of course they play a direct and major role in making any healthcare facility what it is. They don't just direct traffic and let visitors and patients know where to go within a certain floor or wing of the hospital. They also say something about the hospitals personality. Room numbers all have a different look, feel, font and size, from hospital to hospital and building to building. That gives each and every room and hallway, in a small way, a sense of character. The very best signs tell you what you need to know, help to organize a floor or a hallway, and look good while doing it. At HSI, we've got the right signs to do the job.

Safety hospital signs and symbols. These include no smoking warnings, handwashing directives, evacuation procedures, and all kinds of health and safety related warnings and information. When users need to know how to get out of your building the fastest and safest way, large schematic evacuation procedures are a huge help. When visitors and workers use the bathrooms, signs that remind them to wash their hands before returning to work are essential. Of course, in a building with lots of oxygen and sick people, smoking is never allowed, and we make all the no smoking signage a healthcare facility needs to stay safe. We provide for more extreme safety issues as well; signs prohibiting guns and cell phones, and open flames.

Directory hospital signs and symbols. There are many different types of directory signs, and all of them help to orient and instruct the viewer in different ways, and with different methods. A list of all the relevant rooms, wings, floors, and offices in a healthcare facility isn't much good without some information that helps folks find what they need. The solution in most cases is to make the sign directional. Simply list all the important places on a certain floor, wing, or entire healthcare facility, and then next to them use directional symbols like arrows to point the right way to travel. People who are lost or who have never visited your facility before will find this extremely helpful; there is nothing worse than not being able to find your way. Using this kind of sign means you have to have laser-precision symbols that can't be mistaken, and that is where we come in with a bang. We have the most advanced and well-regarded sign making machines and processes on the market, and our signs are of the highest quality.

Laundry hospital signs and symbols. Laundry signs are very convenient and easy to use hard tags, which go around poles on which laundry hangs. They're removable and re-attachable, so they can be used on lots of different poles or in lots of different rooms; they aren't permanent. Mainly their job is to separate laundry, to get scrubs in one pile, sheets in the other, and to separate laundry for separate wings and departments as well. There are many kinds of tags, and at HSI we make them all. The most simple version are square and plain. But there are also more rectangular versions that can be written on with a marker, then erased and written on again. From an organizational standpoint, tags like these are some of the most useful and ingenious.

Of course there are many more healthcare facility signs and symbols, but these are just some of the most important and most common that we make at HSI.

Here is some more information about hospital signs. You can learn how they are made, how you can buy them, and what their purpose is here.

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