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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) forever changed the way hospitals and healthcare facilities do business. HIPAA laws mandate that doctors and healthcare providers maintain the highest level of privacy possible. HIPAA is essential in protecting the privacy and rights of everyone who visits any healthcare facility. HIPAA protects not only personal identification information (name, date of birth, social security number), but information pertaining to personal health issues as well.

Everyone needs to be aware of HIPAA and the guidelines they must follow to ensure the utmost privacy when it comes to patient information, and a great way to accomplish this is through HIPAA Signs. There are two types of HIPAA Signs. The first is for patrons of healthcare facilities. Many people are aware of HIPAA and the basic rules to follow when it comes to protecting one's privacy, but it's always good to display HIPAA Signs out in the open where everyone can read them.

It's obvious that you wouldn't go rifling through someone else's file at a doctor's office, but what you might not think of is something as simple as standing too closely behind someone filling out personal information or discussing it with a receptionist or nurse. A HIPAA Sign displayed in clear sight (a lobby wall, next to the receptionist's desk, etc.) where everyone can see and read it serves as a reminder to stand a certain distance back while waiting your turn in line. Not only does it serve as a directive to respect and be mindful of the privacy of others, but it also makes patients and visitors feel secure knowing that the facility takes HIPAA seriously.

The second type of sign is used primarily for internal use. These HIPAA Signs are useful as reminders to doctors, nurses, or administrative staff of HIPAA procedures. There are a lot of HIPAA rules and regulations, so hanging HIPAA signs within your office as a reminder is useful to everyone who works in your facility. You can post HIPAA Signs near areas that have highly HIPAA-sensitive files, in the break room, or anywhere else that staff will see it on a daily basis.

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