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HIPAA was signed into law in 1996, and it has revolutionized much of the way healthcare facilities do business. Privacy laws and regulations have made patients much more secure and comfortable when giving their information to health care professionals and organizations, and enforcement by the Office for Civil Rights has been effective and far reaching. Healthcare facilities everywhere have had to change some of their organizational and inter-office procedures, and rules and regulations have changed in a big way. Whenever something like that happens, signs are a great way to lessen confusion, enforce cooperation, and run a healthcare facility as efficiently as possible. At HSI we make HIPAA signs for healthcare facilities to use, both for enforcement and for personal use.


There are two types of HIPAA signs. One type is for users of the healthcare facilities, patients and visitors who need to be apprised of their rights, as well as any rules or regulations that they need to be following while visiting the grounds of the healthcare facility. This type of sign needs to be out on open display, where it can clearly be seen and read, and where it can do the most good in actually affecting the behavior of visitors and patients. The second type of HIPAA sign is more internal. It's meant for the doctors, nurses, administrators and healthcare professionals who need to be reminded to do certain things the right way, or who need refreshers and reminders of certain rules and restrictions. These are less important to display publicly, as they are meant for the use of internal staff. These HIPAA signs are also often custom when it comes to the language on them - the written language or directives. HSI can help with both types of signs, making your healthcare facility more compliant, more efficient, and more effective at protecting the rights of patients and visitors.

Some important HIPAA signs meant for the public is the sign that tells them to keep a certain distance from other patients or visitors in a line. When a person steps up to a nursing station or any type of official area where they're going to be writing down or discussing their health issues, new regulations mandate that other patients be kept at a distance, so the person can feel secure and private while discussing possibly sensitive information. It is also good for the people in the line, who can feel secure that they too will be given a measure of privacy, and also won't be in any position to make others feel uncomfortable at their presence. There can be two versions of this HIPAA sign.

One reads, "For the privacy of the patient ahead of you, please wait here....Thank you." Another reads "For the privacy of the patient ahead of you, please wait here...Thank you...Please have your insurance card ready." Both signs are informative, polite, and they keep all of your patients or visitors in line and satisfied that their privacy is protected and taken seriously.

For many decades the privacy concerns of the average citizen staying in a hospital were largely ignored. Patients whose rights had been violated had little recourse from this kind of invasion, and in 1996 the government decided to take steps to start changing things for the better.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA, has forever changed the way hospitals and health care facilities are run. HIPAA laws demand doctors and providers maintain a higher privacy level than was ever required before. A HIPAA sign can be found all around a hospital, reminding patients and doctors of their responsibility to keep health information private. Having a HIPAA sign posted clearly around a hospital allows patients to feel safer and know that their rights are being protected. As a patient, it's important to feel like your rights and privacies are being respected by the people taking care of you and handling your records.

These laws have changed the foundation of the way hospital business is conducted and have eliminated countless law suits and charges in the process. HIPAA signs are posted around health care facilities to ensure that providers stay aware of their responsibility and patients feel like they are protected.

Federal Law
HIPAA privacy laws provide federal protection of heath information that is held by certain entities. These rules give patients an array of rights regarding their health care information. On the flip side, the HIPAA privacy rules are written to permit disclosure of personal health information when needed for patient care. Having a HIPAA sign clearly stating the general ideas or most important parts of the HIPAA law can be effective in ensuring that doctors and nurses are following the laws and preventing law suits. With these new laws came lots of law suits. Doctors had not been properly handling medical records and disclosing information to inappropriate people. This is why in 1996 HIPAA was implemented. With the implementation of HIPAA, people began to feel more at ease in hospitals and no longer have to worry about their information falling in to the wrong hands or being shared with someone they don't wish to share it with. HIPAA laws are enforced by the Office for Civil Rights. In addition to the HIPAA privacy rule, the Office for Civil Rights also enforces the HIPAA security rule. The HIPAA security rule sets standards for the security of health information that is recorded electronically. The HIPAA security rule also protects the confidentiality of the patient safety rule, which keeps identifiable information private that is being used to improve patient safety. A posted HIPAA sign will keep everyone aware of the privacy and security laws that are in place and need to be followed within the facility. The general concept behind all of the HIPAA laws is keeping patient's information safe and protected. With this comes protection of the patient themselves. Having a HIPAA sign stating the purposes of HIPAA laws and how they can protect your rights goes a long way in helping patients feel more secure about their stay in your facility.

Any health information that is held by certain entities, including hospitals, is protected by HIPAA. HIPAA created these rules to give patients back their rights to their own medical information. HIPAA laws permit the disclosure of certain medical documents with it is necessary to ensure that a patient is receiving the best care possible. HIPAA signs clearly posted around a facility can keep patients aware of their rights and what they should be seeking from their providers. These HIPAA signs can also serve as a constant reminder to doctors and nurses of their responsibilities to uphold these laws. Before HIPAA was implemented doctors did not have a responsibility to the patient when it came to medical records, and it took some time to get used to the new laws. There was a transition period when these laws were first implemented that was a little rocky - doctors were still operating the same way they used to, while patients expected a change. Now that everyone has had time to adjust to the HIPAA laws, hospitals are running more smoothly than ever. Patients feel at ease when entering hospital facilities and are no longer worried about whose hands their private information will fall into.

HIPAA signs posted throughout a health care facility help maintain a level of ease and security throughout the entire building. HIPAA signs keep everyone aware of these privacy and security laws. When everyone is informed, less mistakes are made. Generally speaking, these federal laws are in place to keep everyone safe and happy. Having HIPAA signs posted in various locations throughout a hospital can go a long way towards achieving this goal.

Here is some more information about HIPAA signs.

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